Elephant Abscess

from by Annulment



When the world was young,
the word had little voice
Iron lung of praise
Leper of the holy
Iris of the hollow,
vision of the nothing
Ape butcher ape,
sanctioned by illusion

Flesh succumbed addiction
to the lure of a crown
Circumstantial birth
Given flight by a godsend

Festering inside a neighbor
a billboard-slur of presence
Beware the silver tongue,
I’m not your fucking son!
His poetry can ruin,
A flare of urge and ash
A Babel upon the Earth
With a noose around its neck

The face and scrawlings of deceit
Lonely men do shameful things
To resent with great hollow and indifference
Lonely men apologize for nothing

Your days of plenty are fucking numbered!

Creator inferior, star of vanity.
“I sell myself for closeness and crush of breath.”
Serpent’s coil, lion’s jaw –
Sadness and ego moaning in oceans of cipher and drain

Dissociative mantra, borrowed from the sky!
Clip its wings, harrowed in delight!
Down here with us, walk upon the soil
Gods were once men, sick with conflating growth

It’s an infection, a cancer, it lives beside us
Elephant abscess – it grows inside us


from The Nihil of Vibrant Soul, releases December 31, 2017



all rights reserved