Filth Upon a Gaping Maw / Rage Against the Dying Light

by Annulment

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released March 3, 2016

Recorded in August 2015 by Phil Douglas at The Hobo House in Huntington, NY.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: Filth Upon a Gaping Maw (the Weakening Chorus)
“Filth Upon a Gaping Maw” (the Weakening Chorus)

Your body, your words, your shallow prophecy;
Cadaverous marionettes, whisperers – empty.
Live forever; love never – chorus of silence
Shivering cancer, stage of mirrors.

The tree of insurgency needs blood to grow,
I watch dissent devour its own.

That no wholeness could move you, hang swiftly false brother.
Homogenous spout; effigy in the stench of your name.
Let it anchor, sink from your parting ribs.
I could never kill, but if your death is a cradle – I often dream.

Your bareness, your gospel, your shallow poetry;
Drawn and quartered, idolatry-fuckers.
Hive-mind; hind sight – deathbed graspers.
Shit-starved sycophants, the great deceivers.

It’s like she said: “My headphones, they saved my life.”
These tapes; they woke me from sleep.
And you take that from me with each vacant attempt.
And the years weigh on you, your throne of nothing.

The idiot king; the sum of all hollows
A sun grown old and sick;
impotence in its severed reach.

Like salt; life-devouring, arid.
Like salt; quench nothing, vapid.

Purge and destroy,
Eye for an eye.
Purge and destroy,
Eye for an eye.

Purge and destroy,
Eye for an eye.
Imitation culture,
Sleep forever.
Track Name: Rage Against the Dying Light
The heart must break, the mind must shatter, the soul must sour
A feral summer, a hollow fear
The emptiness of your yearning – sick with forever
Leave me here, leave forever
Say goodbye, stay forever
I am not my body, I was born to leave

Rage against,
Drift away,
Rage against,
Drift away

(Close) nauseous night
(Sweltering) midnight sun
(Thirst in) pulsing flame
You sleep alone

Fear of creation
Fear of none
Fear of breath
Fear of loss

Carnal prison
Your living death
Your chronic ache
Rage against the dying light

I am violence against inhibition
Hollow made a home / where young lust abandons.