Aurelian Pivot

by Annulment

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released September 11, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Aurelian Pivot
Idle hands erected the fences, God’s eye blue like illness –
to abandon vast love; “it can happen to anyone.”
Hands that hold mine to sever others,
but how long before; how long before?
Climb the ironies of Jacob’s ladder.
“Then they came for me, because there was no one left.”
There was no one left.

The bait of temptation, a sugared tongue –
fixed in inversion; miters of mixed blood.
Tyrant-selves; my ear’s black whisper –
Giovinezza, La Marcha Granadera.
Opiate poetry; destroy me –
“Youth, youth – spring of beauty.”
And when the dawn came for us, it bleached our skin;
autonomous incest – we are the Romans.

“Steal, take, ascend – this entire world is yours, nothing exists but you.”
I am Ivory Devil, burrowing his blighted roots in the soil –
the pregnancy of golden wings; distillation of every womb;
washed in parchment as the pivot of history itself.

Perversions of cruelty unwilling to die.
Copulating, birthed coercion.
Perversions of cruelty unwilling to die.
Copulating, it manifests inside.

Spoken with stagnant breath.

It’s not flesh we see but intent we know;
our minds poisoned in urgent halves, transfixed by a malleable sky.
Smother me in the ruin of our pantheons with that same coldness,
lest I open my throat and flood the Arkless world with red.